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Coaching Corner


Coaching Tips - Social and Emotional Learning

By Kelsey Doolittle on 2/26/2018
Many times we approach PBL with the purpose of addressing what has been called “soft skills.” These are skills that most would agree are those needed to be successful in the real world. However, these skills are often the toughest to master and we need to approach these as “hard skills”, which the article by Thom Markham not only addresses but also shows how PBL can be used to address the social-emotional learning aspects of learning that are so important for the well-being of our students.

Coaching Tips - Getting Ready for Summer

By Kelsey Doolittle on 6/1/2017
As we get ready for the summer, I thought I would use this last newsletter to share a quote from John Locke I used in a recent training.

Coaching Tips - Teacher Engagement

By Kelsey Doolittle on 4/21/2017
I recently read an article that claimed that teacher engagement is the key to student engagement. My usual next step is to look at the research but I found myself thinking why?

Coaching Tips - Project-Based Learning Implementation

By Kelsey Doolittle on 3/31/2017
Many of you who are part of the Wake/UTD Programming this year are moving into implementing Project-Based Learning cases.

Coaching Tips - Student Engagement

By Kelsey Doolittle on 2/28/2017
Recent interactions with teachers have consistently raised a question focusing on student engagement. How do I maintain student engagement throughout an extended inquiry like Problem or Project-Based Learning? Engagement and motivation is a tricky area. Our desire is that this develops from within the student but in reality there are many things that compete for that engagement and motivation.

Coaching Tips - Project-Based Learning & Entrepreneurship

By Kelsey Doolittle on 1/31/2017
Recently, I have been working with teachers engaged in designing Project-Based Learning experiences for their students. They were looking for new ways to engage, motivate their students. They are struggling with designing experiences where students make connections to the world on their own. This conversation led us to the concept of Entrepreneurship and how Project-Based Learning can really be used to develop it in our classroom.

Coaching Tips - Know/Need to Know Resource

By Kelsey Doolittle on 12/16/2016
Many of you are using the Know/Need to Know strategy in your day-to-day work; this is AWESOME! Our students need to gain strategies they can use all the time during their learning journey. When they use this strategy they grow as problem identifiers, not just problem solvers. This also helps our students gain authentic and natural tools for their own learning.

Coaching Tips - Connecting Students to the World

By Kelsey Doolittle on 11/30/2016
I wanted to take the opportunity to share a great resource that allows teachers to really take students outside the classroom. Many times teachers design learning experiences to make real world connections for students. This is a daunting task and it might actually be a waste of time.

Coaching Tips - Fluency

By Kelsey Doolittle on 10/28/2016
For some reason it seems like developing fluency in reading has been translated into increasing the speed at which students read. This perspective is really something that impacts all content areas not just "reading teachers".

Coaching Tips - Rubrics

By Kelsey Doolittle on 9/22/2016
Many teachers use traditional rubrics in their classrooms to assist in communicating expectations for the work to be done. My approach to rubrics is a little different when it comes to implementing Problem and Project-Based Learning.