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Coaching Corner


Coaching Tips - Social and Emotional Learning

By Kelsey Doolittle on 2/26/2018
Many times we approach PBL with the purpose of addressing what has been called “soft skills.” These are skills that most would agree are those needed to be successful in the real world. However, these skills are often the toughest to master and we need to approach these as “hard skills”, which the article by Thom Markham not only addresses but also shows how PBL can be used to address the social-emotional learning aspects of learning that are so important for the well-being of our students. Reach out at joeferrara143@gmail.com to discuss specific strategies or to discuss this further.

Want Better Project-Based Learning? Use Social and Emotional Learning:  https://www.edutopia.org/blog/project-based-learning-social-emotional-learning-thom-markham