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K - 2 ELA - Reading: Informational Text 1

K - 2 ELA - Reading:  Informational Text 1

  • Recycling Disaster
    • A recycling disaster has occurred in the gym, and you must come up with a plan to help! Students will explore concepts related to informational text, language, foundational skills, writing, and speaking & listening.
  • Abandoned Egg
    • Your teacher discovered an egg on the playground at recess today! Your job is to figure out what type of bird laid the egg. Students will explore concepts related to language, writing, informational text, foundational skills, and speaking & listening.
  • Describe It
    • You have found a mystery word, and it's your job to find out its meaning! Students will explore concepts related to language, speaking & listening, foundational skills, informational text, literature, and writing.


"I was trained in PBL when I moved to Winston Salem, NC, and I have been using it in my classroom ever since. It is an excellent way to foster critical thinking. Teaching students to problem-solve provides them with essential 21st century skills." - Denise Brodeur