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K - 2 ELA - Reading: Literature 3

K - 2 ELA - Reading:  Literature 3

  • Junior Detective
    • You are a Junior Detective and have just been given your first case: to find a missing teacher! Students will explore concepts related to literature, language, foundational skills, and speaking & listening.
  • Fractured Fairy Tales
    • You are on the nominating committee for the National Children's Book Academy. Your job is to pick the best fractured fairy tale! Students will explore concepts related to language, foundational skills, speaking & listening, and literature.
  • Goodnight Who?
    • You are a writer who has just been handed the best assignment ever: to write a new version of Goodnight Moon! Students will explore concepts related to language, speaking & listening, foundational skills, and writing.


"Problem Based Learning is a staple in my teaching and you can see pieces of the methodology in almost everything I do. It's not a program or a panacea, but a method of teaching that gives every student valuable life-long skills." - Sam Walker, Technology Facilitator Morgan Elementary, 2010 NC Technology Educator of the Year