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3 - 5 ELA - Reading: Literature 1

3 - 5 ELA - Reading:  Literature 1

  • Wordplay on Display
    • Your school is hosting a Language Arts Fair!  You want to create a display to be featured at the fair.  Students will explore concepts related to language, foundational skills, literature, speaking & listening, and writing.
  • The Blank Book
    • You are a book publisher for the PBL Publishing Company, and an author just submitted a book that wasn't finished yet.  It's up to you to fix it before it goes to print!  Students will explore concepts related to speaking & listening, literature, informational text, foundational skills, writing, and language.
  • Fable Tables
    • Oh, no!  Something has happened to the displays that were set up in the media center at your school and it is up to you to fix them before a special event starts. Students will explore concepts related to literature, speaking & listening, language, foundational skills, informational text, and writing.


"Using PBL in my classroom allows me to encourage my students to trust themselves, question what they think they know, and discover new material without relying on information from me to move them along." - Kimberly Campbell