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3 - 5 ELA - Reading: Informational Text 5

3 - 5 ELA - Reading:  Informational Text 5

  • The Orphan Trains
    • It is the year 1854, and you are working as a newspaper journalist when the orphan trains start to roll into your Midwest town.  Students will explore concepts related to writing, informational text, foundational skills, speaking & listening, and language.
  • Ancient Civilizations
    • You are a historian at the Museum of Ancient Civilizations.  Two new exhibits are about to open - Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome!  Students will explore concepts related to language, speaking & listening, foundational skills, literature, informational text, and writing.
  • The Ultimate Field Trip Experience
    • You and your classmates have just won an all-expense-paid trip to ten national landmarks!  Students will explore concepts related to writing, literature, informational text, foundational skills, language, and speaking & listening.


"I was trained in PBL when I moved to Winston Salem, NC, and I have been using it in my classroom ever since. It is an excellent way to foster critical thinking. Teaching students to problem-solve provides them with essential 21st century skills." - Denise Brodeur