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3 - 5 ELA - Writing 6

3 - 5 ELA - Writing 6

  • Who Are You?
    • The new librarian at your school is creating a special section for student autobiographies - and you are going to be featured!  Students will explore concepts related to foundational skills, literature, informational text, writing, language, and speaking & listening.
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fifth Graders?
    • There's a big problem at your school with the first grade students, and the guidance counselor needs your help!  Students will explore concepts related to informational text, literature, speaking & listening, language, writing, and foundational skills.
  • Books!  Books!  Books!
    • Mrs. Jones is a new fifth grade teacher at your school, and she needs some help finding books for her new classroom!  Students will explore concepts related to language, speaking & listening, writing, informational text, foundational skills, and literature.


"Using PBL in my classroom allows me to encourage my students to trust themselves, question what they think they know, and discover new material without relying on information from me to move them along." - Kimberly Campbell