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3 - 5 ELA - Writing 6

3 - 5 ELA - Writing 6

  • Who Are You?
    • The new librarian at your school is creating a special section for student autobiographies - and you are going to be featured!  Students will explore concepts related to foundational skills, literature, informational text, writing, language, and speaking & listening.
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Fifth Graders?
    • There's a big problem at your school with the first grade students, and the guidance counselor needs your help!  Students will explore concepts related to informational text, literature, speaking & listening, language, writing, and foundational skills.
  • Books!  Books!  Books!
    • Mrs. Jones is a new fifth grade teacher at your school, and she needs some help finding books for her new classroom!  Students will explore concepts related to language, speaking & listening, writing, informational text, foundational skills, and literature.


"Problem Based Learning is a staple in my teaching and you can see pieces of the methodology in almost everything I do. It's not a program or a panacea, but a method of teaching that gives every student valuable life-long skills." - Sam Walker, Technology Facilitator Morgan Elementary, 2010 NC Technology Educator of the Year