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3 - 5 ELA - Reading: Informational Text 4

3 - 5 ELA - Reading:  Informational Text 4

  • Time Traveler
    • On your way home from school, you stumble upon a time machine!  You are transported back in time to a big historical event!  Students will explore concepts related to speaking & listening, language, foundational skills, informational text, literature, and writing.
  • Pack Your Bags
    • It is 1804, and you and your friend are about to embark on an expedition across the country!  Students will explore concepts related to informational text, foundational skills, literature, language, speaking & listening, and writing.


"Using PBL in my classroom allows me to encourage my students to trust themselves, question what they think they know, and discover new material without relying on information from me to move them along." - Kimberly Campbell