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Projects - 8th Grade ELA - Writing a Biography

Writing a Biography - 8th Grade ELA

Students will read in class and with groups by chosen biographical books (you can either do lit circles
or read the same book as a class. Suggestions: Queen of Water, Into the Wild, etc. The idea is that
they read a biography, not an autobiography, where an author has written about the life of someone
else rather than their own). In their reading groups and in class, students will read and analyze the
book, looking at narrative, characterization and dialogue, theme, plot, and figurative language, all
used to enhance the reader’s engagement and understanding of the book/person’s life the story is
about. After reading and analyzing the book, they will then write their own biographical short story
about someone else’s life that they know and are interested in to interview and write a story about,
someone whose story needs to bet told.


"Problem Based Learning is a staple in my teaching and you can see pieces of the methodology in almost everything I do. It's not a program or a panacea, but a method of teaching that gives every student valuable life-long skills." - Sam Walker, Technology Facilitator Morgan Elementary, 2010 NC Technology Educator of the Year