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Projects - 10th Grade ELA - Make a Difference in the World

Make a Difference in the World - 10th Grade ELA

While reading Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael, students will analyze point of view and perspective, purpose, audience and themes of the book to determine what our purpose as human beings is in the world. While reading, students will also choose one issue in the world caused by human beings that they would like to improve. With a partner, they will research their chosen issue, gathering data about how their issue is being abused, where it is occurring, and the effect this violation has on the community and the world. Then, the students will create a public service announcement (video, radio broadcast, flyer) on their issue using the modes of persuasion and considering their perspective, purpose, and audience to create a PSA that informs their community about the issue and propose a way to change it.


"Using PBL in my classroom allows me to encourage my students to trust themselves, question what they think they know, and discover new material without relying on information from me to move them along." - Kimberly Campbell