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Our online repository of cases includes Problem and Project-Based Learning cases in grades K - 12 for Math, Science, and English Language Arts. Cases are ready-made lessons that give teachers an opportunity to provide relevant, real-world context to their content. Cases are designed to be complementary to existing curricula and easy to integrate with lesson plans. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the content when they apply their classroom-gathered knowledge to real-world problems.  Through PBL, students are empowered to take ownership of their learning while engaging in problems and projects that require sustained collaboration.  

STEM bundles are now available at each grade level (K - 8). These bundles incorporate a combination of Math and Science cases selected especially for a STEM class or a special STEM enrichment program.

Problem and Project-Based Learning Sample Cases

Math Project-Based Case  
High School Algebra II Photographic Math
Science Problem-Based Case  
Middle School - Physical Science Newton's Council
English Language Arts Problem-Based Case  
4th Grade Website Designer

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Math Problem-Based Case  
7th Grade Player's Choice
Science Problem-Based Case  
High School - Life Science Project Site
English Language Arts Problem-Based Case  
8th Grade Tragic Heroes Hall of Fame
Science Project-Based Case  
5th Grade Lighten Up


"I was trained in PBL when I moved to Winston Salem, NC, and I have been using it in my classroom ever since. It is an excellent way to foster critical thinking. Teaching students to problem-solve provides them with essential 21st century skills." - Denise Brodeur

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