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We currently offer over 400 Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning cases aligned to Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, North Carolina Essential Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the Virginia Standards of Learning. 

Wake/UTD PBL cases, and PBL in general, are inspired by the notion of helping students to develop real-life skills that will be useful not only throughout their academic and professional careers, but also in their daily lives. PBL students need to understand with confidence what they know and don't know about a problem, how to acquire information to assist with solving the problem, how to work effectively in groups, and how to defend their conclusion with facts and sound reasoning. All of these skills are transferable to many aspects of a student's life.

PBL cases help students to develop a problem-solving algorithm that can be widely applied. In this sense, PBL is consistent with the ambitions behind Common Core State Standards, STEM and NGSS. Skills learned as part of a PBL curriculum can also be expected to enhance student performance on tests related to these standards.


"In my 13+ years in education, I have not been able to find another instructional tool that I have found to be as effective or easy to implement. I highly encourage all teachers to take advantage of the resources Wake PBL has to offer. You will NOT be sorry!" - Jayne W. Grubbs