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What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning is an extended inquiry-based approach utilizing strategies that promote authentic, student driven experiences.  These experiences are purposefully constructed to meet content expectations, requiring students to design solutions to relevant questions and issues.  Our approach focuses specifically on supporting design thinking and communication, which promotes problem-solving and creativity.

Project-Based Cases are inquiry-based instructional resources designed to assist teachers in developing authentic learning environments in which students utilize specific attitudes and skills to master content.  Cases differ from other forms of project-based approaches in that they are developed using elements of design to guide teachers in the effective delivery and support of instruction.  Cases utilize a trans-disciplinary approach and offer project ideas that can be used across disciplines to meet a variety of standards.  Finally, cases are developed to easily integrate high-impact instructional strategies such as formative assessment and collaboration.


"Problem Based Learning is a staple in my teaching and you can see pieces of the methodology in almost everything I do. It's not a program or a panacea, but a method of teaching that gives every student valuable life-long skills." - Sam Walker, Technology Facilitator Morgan Elementary, 2010 NC Technology Educator of the Year

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