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What's New - 2/24/17

We are pleased to be featured in this month's edition of the "Carolina Tips" email newsletter published by Carolina Biological Supply.  To view the article, please click here


What's New - 1/31/17

As we enter into the New Year, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the growth of our program in 2016.  It is our mission to raise student achievement by impacting teacher effectiveness through establishing standards of quality instruction, providing world-class instructional resources, building teacher capacity to self-assess practice and impact, and by supporting the development of leadership skills.  Our participation in the Math and Problem/Project-Based Learning for Student Success (MAPSS) grant, part of the Math Science Partnership program, has given us the opportunity to work with over 200 teachers during the past two years.  Below is a map indicating the location of those teachers across the Piedmont Triad.  With such a wide reach, it is our hope that this project has made a significant impact at both the school and district levels.

What's New - 12/08/16

Amanda Robertson, one of our MAPSS Participants and Trainers, was awarded the Milken Educator Award yesterday for North Carolina.  She was one of 35 teachers around the country recognized by the Milken Family Foundation.  A special assembly was held at her school, Jones Intermediate in Mt. Airy, where she was awarded a $25,000 prize. We are extremely proud of Amanda and all of her accomplishments! Click here to read the article in the Winston Salem Journal.  

What's New - 11/30/16

As the number of registered users on the Wake/UTD PBL website steadily climbs, it’s become apparent that many of our users are missing out on what could possibly be the most beneficial resource we have to offer: the ability to collaborate with other educators. 

Collaboration among educators, much like students, yields better conversation and understanding of content that leads to learning and growth.  By sharing your knowledge and resources with each other, we can create a community of educators who are ready to impact their students’ achievement by providing the best authentic learning experiences in their classrooms and schools. 

Therefore, we would like to encourage all of you to post and share in the “Community” section of our website, just like you would a Facebook page!  (We have one of those too if you’re interested! Click here)  You can ask questions of us, such as “Which 6th grade Math PBL case includes expressions and equations?”, or ask questions of each other, such as “Which 6th grade Math PBL case worked best in your classroom?”.  We can discuss various topics, such as classroom management or what to do when you want to begin writing your own cases. 

While many of you may be familiar with this sort of collaboration on Edmodo if you have participated in one of our trainings, some of our teachers have expressed that they’d like to be able to collaborate with a broader range of teachers than just those from their training.  On our Community webpage you will have access to our vast network of users, teachers and education professionals from all over the United States.  Through the combined knowledge of our many users, there is a wealth of information on the topics teachers and educators care about most and we are happy to provide you with a medium to share and bring new ideas and resources to the Wake/UTD PBL Community.   

What's New - 10/24/16

CERTL was this week's "What's Right With Our Schools" feature on Fox 8 which aired October 24th and will re-air November 27th at 5 p.m.  Click here to watch the segment and read about our amazing teachers and the work they're putting in to learn innovative ways in which to teach in their classrooms!

What's New - 8/25/16

We've moved!  The Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning is now located in downtown Winston Salem in Innovation Quarter at 475 Vine Street! Our phone numbers have also changed, so be sure to check out our Contact page for our new office number.  

What's New - 05/19/16

For a limited time only we will be offering a 20% discount on enrollment in our Summer Inquiry Institute sessions happening July 11 - 15, 2016.  

Check out the flyer for more information or click here to register!

What's New - 4/28/16

On April 21st the Math and PBL for Student Success partnership grant hosted a Teacher Orientation night for the incoming participants of MAPSS Year Two.  Teachers were given an overview of the grant and the different components that will make up their training this summer.  They were also able to hear about the experiences of Year One participants and how this training has impacted their teaching and their students.  Many logistics were covered during the orientation, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Penny Willard at pwillard@mtairy.k12.nc.us.  

What's New - 3/30/16

We are happy to announce that we now offer a STEM Pipeline Development Program to help you design a student’s progression from elementary school through high school in order to reach their college goals.  This program includes academic enrichment, student support programs and parent support programs.  To learn more about this and other trainings, click here.  

What's New - 3/25/16

The Summer Inquiry Institute taking place in Winston Salem, NC during the week of July 11 - 15 will be divided into two 2.5 day sessions.  The first session will be a PBL Refresher that focuses on highly effective PBL strategies.  Participants will work together on a case, review the standards of authentic instruction, and learn how to select the best cases to complement their curriculum.  The second session will be a Case Writing Workshop where participants learn how to author cases using the Wake/UTD PBL method.  A case will be examined and deconstructed to acquire an understanding on the elements that make it a successful teaching tool.  Participants will apply this knowledge while experiencing an existing case and writing their own.  To register, please click here

What's New - 12/15/15

This past month one of our MAPSS teachers, Mrs. McCraw from Mt. Airy City Schools, hosted an exciting PBL event using the 2nd grade Math case “Sock Slide”.  In this PBL, the Super Slider Sock Company needs the students’ help to find the “slidiest” socks!  Students are learning about measurement while determining how far someone can slide in theirs socks. However, instead of the students sliding in their socks, Mrs. McCraw brought in staff members to do the sliding!  The administrators, PE teacher, STEAM teacher, and the office receptionist were all competing to find out who had the “slidiest” socks.  Each staff member had a team of kids to record the data for each of their slides.  After all of the sliding was completed, Mrs. McCraw collected the data from each team and had the class compare numbers using math vocabulary related to measurement in order to analyze the data to solve the ultimate problem:  which socks were the “slidiest”.  Everyone involved had an awesome experience and the students were able to give content based feedback and provide real-world data.  The following is a video of the day’s events:  https://animoto.com/play/ZHvMjIZ2oZtBXp9KLCxaWw  Be sure to follow Wake/UTD PBL (@Wake_UTD_PBL), Penny Willard (@WillardPenny), and the #MAPSS hashtag on Twitter to follow along with PBL events like this! 

What's New - 11/18/15

It has been a busy month already here at Wake/UTD PBL!  Our trainer, Kim Campbell, spoke at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics on November 5th in Greensboro, NC.  She had a room full of eager participants ready to learn more about “Using Inquiry-Based Learning to Activate Student Growth”.  They discussed Inquiry and the Five Standards of Authentic Instruction as well as Problem and Project-Based Learning.  The session concluded with a hands-on PBL experience using the case “The Aquarium”.  It was a successful workshop and we are already looking forward to our next conference!

What's New - 10/02/15

We were pleased to have the opportunity to showcase our Problem and Project-Based Learning for the North Carolina State Board of Education on September 29th.  Follow this link in the Winston-Salem Journal to read the article highlighting the day’s events.  A special thank you to the Mt. Airy MAPSS teachers, Patricia Combs and Penny Willard, who brought their students to Winston-Salem for the PBL classroom demonstration!

What's New - 09/17/15

Stay connected with us on our brand-new Facebook and Twitter pages.   Follow the links to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!

What's New - 05/08/15

We are excited to announce Wake/UTD’s involvement in a newly-funded initiative that will strengthen STEM education in the Piedmont Triad.  Called “Math and PBL for Student Success” or MAPSS, this 1.6 million dollar project will help 240 teachers in five districts chart a multi-faceted approach to better implementation of the new North Carolina Standard Course of Study for mathematics

One key component of the project will be the creation of a Regional Mathematics Content and Leadership Institute supported by a variety of partners.  WFPBL and our partner for Project-Based Learning, the University of Texas at Dallas, will lead the Institute’s efforts to help teachers discover the benefits of inquiry-based instructional strategies.  

Over the course of three years, teachers from Mount Airy City Schools, Lexington City Schools, Alamance-Burlington Schools, Randolph County Schools and Davidson County Schools will be trained to create learning environments that thrive on Problem and Project-Based Learning. Professional development seminars will help teachers grasp the fundamental principles of inquiry-based instruction; Summer STEM Camps for students will give teachers valuable hands-on practice in using PBL; and teachers will be given permanent access to a collection of PBL cases designed for mathematics instruction.

In addition to providing training and resources, the Institute will build support for teachers in two other important ways.  First, it will deepen and expand the opportunities to build content knowledge by facilitating collaborative relationships with faculty at institutions such as Wake Forest University and the University of Texas at Dallas. Second, but perhaps most vitally, Dr. Larry Coble of the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium (PTEC) will provide teachers with the strategic leadership training necessary to help make changes lasting and sustainable.

According to Dr. Coble, “This is the first time that the combination of Problem-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning and leadership development will be made available for our K-8 teachers in the Piedmont.  This partnership should have a direct impact on the academic achievement of the students served by the participating districts.  Over time, we are hopeful that this initiative will be expanded to include all of the districts in the Piedmont Triad Education Consortium.”


"I was trained in PBL when I moved to Winston Salem, NC, and I have been using it in my classroom ever since. It is an excellent way to foster critical thinking. Teaching students to problem-solve provides them with essential 21st century skills." - Denise Brodeur

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